Why MCBwater ?

Protecting your home and your family


MCBwater boasts of a quality experience complemented with quality, reliability and service. We have been selling and dealing with quality water treatment products since years. We are all experienced sales rep and technicians and we love what we do. That’s the experience we have!



Each of our water softener is built with quality and perfection. With a sole motto of working with honesty. MCBwater deals also with water fountains, reversed osmosis and ground water treatment. Ensuring highest level of quality, North Star’s manufacturing facility is ISO 9001-2000 certified. That’s the quality we deliver!


Using state-of-the-art technology and advanced filtration tools, MCBwater delivers uniformly consistent softened water. Wherever possible, our softeners also facilitate great water and salt savings. That’s our implemented innovation!



MCBwater softeners are sold exclusively by professional contractors. This ensures that your job will be done right the first time and with quality service. Our MCBwater’s softeners are residential and professional’s first choice. Each of our softeners is backed by an industry leading warranty ensuring reliable and quality service. That’s the kind of service we offer!


Contact Information

MCBwater bvba

Stephan Devos
Villersstraat 4 | 3500 Hasselt
Telephone: +32 476 / 377 694
Email: stephan@mcbwater.info

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